Our content policy

At Mollyverse, our commitment to editorial integrity is unwavering. Our mission is to provide you with the most factual, unbiased nutrition and supplement information possible. This commitment is rooted in our practice of employing a diverse team of researchers who thoroughly review all pertinent scientific literature without any conflicts of interest.


Our core objective is not to offer quick fixes or miracle solutions for health. Rather, we are dedicated to delivering a balanced, context-sensitive analysis of all available evidence on nutrition and supplement topics. This approach empowers you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions for your health. We firmly oppose sensationalism and emotional manipulation to increase traffic or sales.


Importantly, we emphasize that any medical concerns should be addressed by a qualified healthcare professional. Mollyverse is not a substitute for professional medical advice.


Integrity of Mollyverse Staff At Mollyverse, all content is internally produced; we do not accept any advertising or external content contributions. This ensures that the information on our site is created by our staff, free from external influences.

Our team members are clear of any conflicts of interest, ensuring that their work is unbiased. Every researcher and staff member declares no direct or indirect benefit from external entities that could skew our analysis. Researchers have complete autonomy in their examination and interpretation of scientific studies, and non-researcher staff do not influence the conclusions we publish.

We also believe in transparency. All revisions to our supplement pages are publicly accessible, allowing our audience to see how we update our content with the latest research findings.


Content Creation Process Our content creation process is rigorous, ensuring accuracy, evidence-based information, and impartiality:

  1. Researchers and reviewers collaborate on an outline to comprehensively address the topic.
  2. The researcher writes the article.
  3. A content editor copyedits the article.
  4. An editor reviews the article.
  5. The article undergoes a final review.
  6. Necessary corrections and clarifications are made at each stage.
  7. The article is published on our website.

Most articles on Mollyverse represent over 10 hours of focused writing, editing, and reviewing, with some requiring dozens of hours from conception to publication. Our supplement pages are regularly updated, representing hundreds of hours of dedicated work.


Advertising As a humorous note, given our model of not accepting external funding or content, we don't have an advertising policy. Therefore, there's nothing to declare in terms of advertising.


Corrections Mollyverse is committed to accuracy. We promptly review any concerns from our readers and, if justified, immediately update our content. This includes incorporating new information unavailable at the initial publication and any other vital updates.


If you notice any inaccuracies on our website, please reach out to us. Our goal is to be your most reliable and current source of nutrition information.